Baked Beans & Irish Coffee

Once again proving the reason why I call this little place “Fail Better Farm” – I completely effed up some baked beans last night. Of all the things to screw up, baked beans isn’t something I’ve had trouble with before.

I was on it last night. I was feeling so productive. I had a plan. I had a recipe. And I was on a mission.  And to top it all of, I even came up with a plan to make dinner at the same time. I was going to be SuperCook, queen of the kitchen!

But… it failed. I did everything right in the beginning. I fried the bacon. I measured and mixed the BBQ sauce and mustard and sugar and vinegar. The smell wafting through the house as the mix baked was ahhhhhmazing. Drool-worthy, even. But that’s where the deliciousness stopped. I baked the beans as I was directed. But what should have been the best beans to hit my taste buds ended up a dry disaster. I don’t know if it was the oven temperature (our oven is finicky and sometimes runs too hot, and sometimes runs too cool, and we could really use a new one. Santa, consider this my request for this year’s Christmas gift!) or if I just baked them too long, or a combination of both. But they were… bad. I don’t mind them being a little dry on the sauce. But the beans themselves had dried out, too, and were just… weird.

So… yeah. I’ll fail better next time I guess.  Onto something I haven’t failed on: knitting!

I actually gauge swatched for my Irish Coffee sweater.  (Oh, I’m sorry, did you think I’d be talking about something to drink? Yeah… sorry. Kinda.) And, further proving why I keep blowing off gauge swatches, I got near perfect gauge. But I know the second I decide to forego the swatch process on anything where fit actually matters I’ll be totally screwed. So I’ll swatch and swatch and swatch some more. This may be Fail Better Farm, but its certainly not Fail Better Knitting.

The picture is pretty crappy (damn phone cameras… no matter how hard they try they still just don’t match up to a regular camera), but the yarn is Valley Yarns Northampton in the color Fawn. It knit up nicely for the swatch. The yarn has a nice quality about it. And its a pretty, neutral color. I’m a little worried it’ll look awful against my skin tone (certain light colored neutrals make me look pale and sickly), but it’s not that bad. And worst case I can find a friend to dye it a darker shade of brown, or even maybe a wine color, once knit.


About Fail Better Farm Girl

I'm a city girl with dreams of someday having my own little farm in the country. In the meantime, I'm learning as I go at "Fail Better Farm" - the nickname I've given my urban homesteading adventures.

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